Tuesday, August 24, 2021

BBN: Six Housemates Put Up For Possible Eviction This Week

 After the Head of House game in which Liquorose emerged as the winner, the housemates were invited to the diary room by Big Brother to nominate two housemates each that will be up for eviction this week.

This came after Big Brother issued cautions to the housemates for certain infractions in the house which ranged from microphone infringement, libelous statements against the production of the reality Tv show, and damage to audio equipment.

Big Brother called up Tega, Jackie B, Queen, Maria, Pere, and WhiteMoney and stated that while Big Brother does not expect the housemates to walk on eggshells around the house, the house is meant to be a safe space and no form of bullying would be tolerated.

Pere, JMK, and Maria were also issued a strike for microphone infringements as well as damage to equipment as JMK entered the Jacuzzi while wearing her microphone.

In addition to their punishment, they were barred from the Head of House position or privileges for 2 weeks. This means they have no immunity, veto saves, or access to the Head of House lounge.

Big Brother also informed other housemates guilty of whispering that their punishments will be meted out to them tomorrow morning after their workout session.

This is how their nominations went:

- Queen, Emmanuel, and WhiteMoney nominated Pere and Peace

- Michael nominated Angel and JMK

- Cross picked Pere and Sammie

- Liquorose who is the new Head of House nominated Cross and Peace

- Tega nominated Saga and Peace

- Nini nominated Sammie and JMK

- Saskay picked Boma and Pere

- Boma nominated JMK and Pere

- Saga nominated Sammie and Queen

- Angel nominated Queen and Michael

- Yousef – Jaypaul, Queen

- Peace – Queen, Emmanuel

- Sammie, JMK, and Jaypaul nominated Pere and Maria

- Jackie B nominated Pere and Angel

- Pere nominated Michael and Jaypaul

- Maria nominated Queen and WhiteMoney

The six housemates up for eviction according to the nominations are Pere, Maria, Queen, Peace, JMK, and Sammie.

Nominated housemates

However, the Head of House used her veto power to save Peace and put up Cross.

This brought the final housemates up for eviction to be Pere, Maria, Queen, JMK, Sammie, and Cross.

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