Saturday, July 31, 2021

BBNaija Fans React To The First Fight In The House As Pere And Nini Clash After The Arena Games

The viewers and fans of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 have just been graced with the first fight in the house after Pere and Nini went at each other when they concluded the arena games.

The housemates were paired into different groups with WhiteMoney and Yousef as the umpires while Sammie, Angel, Cross, Nini, and Pere ended up in a group.

The team was asked to place a stick on a line on the floor while supporting it with just their index fingers and while they were doing this task, Nini's finger was upward and Pere advised her to straighten her finger to which she complied. At a point during the game, Pere's finger was shaking uncontrollably to which Nini told him to calm down.

When the housemates left the arena, Nini asked Arin if she noticed that Pere's finger was shaking to which Arin confirmed.

Nini jokingly went to meet Pere to reiterate what she had earlier told him at the arena, but he raised his voice at her in response to which Nini flared up.

Nini blew hot at Pere for raising his voice at her when she tried to correct him during the task.

Fellow housemates tried their possible best to calm both parties down and restore peace between both parties. 

She told him, “Don’t ever come at me like that because it’s not that deep.”

Pere clapped back immediately that , “If it wasn’t that deep, you wouldn’t be yelling.”

“You were the one yelling,” Nini fired back at once.

Nini wasn’t backing down and kept yelling that Pere should not try to come at her like that ever again before some of the other housemates pulled her out of the dressing room to the sitting room.

Cross in a bid to douse the situation told Nini that Pere might have just been joking when he initially shouted at her but she adamantly refused insisting that Pere intentionally shouted at her.

Some fans as seen in screenshot below think Arin kept exacerbating the situation by constantly trying to put it to Pere that he was wrong for shouting at Nini, while other fans think Nini over-reacted

Another fan with username @sumayayusuf09, said, “I love how men argue with one sentence and leave you to die like a madwoman.”

“That shouting was so unnecessary, and Arin kept adding petrol on fire,” @mellow___011 tweeted.

@m_mennia said, “This Nini girl has dug her own grave. She is fighting a Wildcard.”

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