Saturday, March 21, 2020

#CoronaVirus: Volunteers To Be Infected With Coronavirus For £3,500 In A Bid To Find Vaccine

As the race to find a vaccination to combat coronavirus continues, people in London are being offered £3,500 ($4,600) to be infected with a form of the disease.

To find a vaccine for the virus, volunteers in east London are being paid to be intentionally infected with coronavirus and live in quarantine at the Queen Mary Bio Enterprises Innovation Centre in Whitechapel.

Willing participants will be injected with two common but much less serious strains of the virus, reports the Daily Star.

According to The Times, willing participants will have to take two weeks off work and will be banned from physical contact with the outside world.
It’s believed that up to 24 people at a time will be paid to be infected with a coronavirus (also known as COVID-19).

The strains, known as 0C43 and 229E, are believed to cause very mild respiratory symptoms. It is hoped that if a vaccine can be developed to combat those milder cases then it could take on coronavirus as well.

This testing is part of a $2bn global effort to find a vaccine for coronavirus. Over 20 Covid-19 vaccines are currently being developed, according to the World Health Organisation.

Following the experiment, the most effective drugs and vaccines will be chosen, and these will be used on patients who naturally contract coronavirus.

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