Saturday, March 21, 2020

#CoronaVirus: Thieves Dressed As Corona Virus Doctors Attempt To Break Into Homes In Spain

Two thieves were almost nabbed in Spain after dressing as corona virus doctors, in an attempt to break into homes.

Police have now issued an alert to aged ‘vulnerable’ people after two women and a man dressed in medical lab coats posed as doctors and went to an aged person’s house with intent to steal but pretended they were there to carry out medical checks.

The resident called police after suspecting they were not real doctors but the suspects fled before officers showed up.

Police in the Catalan area of Barcelona have now launched a warning to the public not to be deceived by thieves capitalizing on the Coronavirus outbreak to break into homes.

The death toll from corona virus in Spain is now 1000 and an estimated 235,000 people have been infected by the corona virus globally.

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