Monday, January 13, 2020

Two Weeks After Wedding, Imam Finds Out His 'Wife' Is A Man

An Imam in Uganda, Mohammed Mutumba, has been left in shock after he discovered that his wife of two weeks is a man.

Acording to reports, the Imam had wedded his 'wife' later identified as Swabullah Nabukeera after they met in a mosque. The Imam decided to take the relationship to another level by paying her dowry which included two bags of sugar, two goats, three bussutis, a carton of salt and a Koran.

The 'wife' however claimed she was on her menses after the wedding, so the Imam decided to be patient until 'she' gets better.

However, Nabukeera's luck ran out after Mr Mutumba's neighbour claimed that his newly wedded wife had jumped over a wall and stole their television set and clothes.

Mr Mutumba rents a two-roomed house where they had been staying with Nabukeera. However, the wall that seperates the two rental rooms did not reach the iron sheets.

The neighbour reported the case at Kayunga Police Station before detectives were dispatched to arrest Ms Nabukeera.

Kayunga District criminal investigations officer, Mr Isaac Mugera said when Ms Nabukeera reached the police station she was wearing a hijab and sandals.

As the police's normal practice, a female office searched the suspect thoroughly before taking 'her' to the cells. However, to the bewilderment of the officer, the suspect had stacked clothes inside his bra to give the false impression of breasts.

On further search, it was discovered that the suspect had male genitals and he  her husband was quickly informed.

the news shocked Mr Mutumba who asked the police to let him prove himself by allowing him to see the private parts of his wife.

Upon further interrogation, Tumushabe told the police that he had duped Mr Mutumba into beliving he was a woman in order to get his money.

Narrating how he fell in love with the suspect, Mr Mutumba, an Imam of Kyampisi mosque said he found Tumushabe at Kyampisi mosque where he had gone for prayers.

"I was looking for a woman to marry and when I landed on a beautiful girl wearing a hijab, I asked her for love and she accepted. we fell in love, however she told me we could not have sex until I take a dowry to her parents and also exchanged marriage vows," a visibly shocked Mutumba narrated.

He explained that within a week he had finalized everything and visited Nabukeera's aunt, Ms Nuuru Nabukeera, a resident of Kituula village in Seeta-Namuganga Sub-county.

Tumushabe's alleged aunt who was also arrested by the police denied knowing he 'niece' was male as she claims she got to know him when he was already an adult.

"the first day he came to me he was wearing a hijab. I even slept with him in my bedroom. when she told me she had got a man for marriage, I gave the go ahead and asked for him to bring him home, she said.

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