Thursday, June 6, 2019

Chinese Mogul Sentenced To Death For Raping 25 Underaged Girls

Zhao Zhiyong
A businessman has been executed in the central Chinese province of Henan for raping 25 underage female students.

Zhao Zhiyong, 49, was sentenced to death last October and his execution on Tuesday was the latest development in a case involving more than 30 victims from four middle schools in Weisihi county.

He had sexually assaulted the young victims on 32 occasions in the space of one and a half years.

An online statement by the court revealed that Zhao had colluded with an accomplice, named Li Na, who helped him scout for victims. Li brought underage girls to hotels between May 2015 and January 2017 for Zhao to have sexual intercourse with by force.

She and eight accomplices forced the victims to sleep with Zhao by beating them, intimidating them and taking pictures of their privates as threats.

Zhao was an influential businessman in Kaifeng who owned a large flour factory and was the deputy head of the Kaifeng Chamber of Commerce.

His execution was carried out after an order came from the Supreme court in China.

Zhao raped 25 middle school students on 32 occasions, including 14 girls who were not yet 14 years old.

Zhao’s accomplice Li received a suspended death sentence and her husband Liu Hongyang – who chauffeured the young girls for prostitution and raped some of them – was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. Another man, Zhou Hexin, who also had sex with some of the girls, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

More than 40 crimes in China’s criminal code, including rape, can carry the death penalty, but it is also possible for the sentence to have a two-year reprieve, after which the sentence is usually commuted to a life imprisonment if no other serious offence is committed.

Sex with girls younger than 14 is regarded as rape, with punishment ranging from 10 years in jail to the death penalty.

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