Wednesday, April 24, 2019

12-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Bodyshamed In School

A 12-year-old girl identified as Brooklyn Marie Brehm, has committed suicide in Oregon because a boy at school kept taunting her about her weight.

Brooklyn left a suicide note before hanging herself in April 2017.

According to her mum Maranda Riboli, the 12-year-old took her life because of a boy at Elton Gregory Middle School in Redmond, Oregon, who “regularly and frequently fat-shamed” her and called her names.

According to a lawsuit filed by Riboli, the boy also taunted Brooklyn over a crush she had and told her that the object of her affections would never like her because of her weight. He went on to say that the schoolgirl “should kill herself because she was a waste of space and no boy would ever like her.”

When Riboli found out about the bullying her daughter was suffering, she emailed the school and met with teachers to complain that the bullying was affecting her daughter’s grades.

Sadly, two months after Riboli’s meeting with teachers, Brooklyn took her life.

Riboli has sued Elton Gregory Middle School for $12 million damages and $35,000 funeral expenses. She says the school did not follow its own protocol, because that teacher failed to notify the principal of what was going on. She also alleges the school failed to launch any sort of investigation into the bullying.

Riboli said her daughter’s death by suicide was a “direct result” of Redmond School District’s “deliberate indifference” to her rights.

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