Monday, March 4, 2019

5 Schoolboys Save 8-year-old Child As He Plunged 20ft From A Ski Lift

Five schoolboys caught a terrified eight-year-old in a makeshift safety net after he dropped 20ft from a ski lift.

Joshua Ravensbergen, 12, and his friends were on the slopes below when the boy slipped from his seat and his dad caught him by the wrist.

He said the lift kept going higher and higher until it was too late for the boy to jump to safety.

Joshua said they feared he would get hurt if they did not do something to help as adults stood by, so they grabbed the orange fencing and some padding from a pillar and rushed beneath the chairlift.

When the boy could not hold on any longer, he let himself fall and was safely caught by the boys, who were about 20ft below.

Joshua said: “People were there but were just standing looking at the kid, not knowing what to do.”

Joshua’s friend Gabriel Nielson said it took some time to convince the boy to kick off his skis and let go of his father.

“At one point, we were just like, ‘OK, you just need to trust us, you just need to drop,” said Gabriel.

The child was on the chairlift was with his parents and his three-year-old sister, who the father was also trying to hang on to while struggling to cling to his son.

A Grouse Mountain Resorts spokeswoman said the boy was uninjured but went to hospital as a precautionary measure.

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