Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pensioner And Grandson Killed By Moving Train After Ignoring Barrier

Will Harlet and his grandfather, Barry Hearnshaw
A retired teacher and his 15-year-old grandson have both died after their car was torn in half by the impact of a train travelling at 74mph.

71-year-old Barry Hearnshaw was driving his grandson, Will Hallet, to a football match when he drove over a half-barrier crossing at Barns Green, near Horsham on February 17, 2018.

Will Hallet played for Horsham Sparrows
A pathologist’s report found the cause of death for Mr Hearnshaw as multiple injuries while that of Will was a head injury.

A former police constable with Sussex Police Collisions Investigation Unit, Paul Banks said: 'The vehicle is travelling diagonally across the crossing. 'When it was struck by the train it was on the wrong side of the road and was travelling back to the correct side, that’s obviously quite important when it comes to the accident.'

Relatives suggested the pensioner might have suffered a medical incident like a stroke, although this could not be proven as his injuries were too extensive.

A jury found the cause of My Hearnshaw's death as accidental on January 18, however they ruled that Will had been unlawfully killed as a result of Mr Hearnshaw's driving on the morning of the accident.

Will was described by loved ones as a 'handsome',intelligent and extremely active teenager who loved football and wanted to be a pilot.

He played for Horsham Sparrows and attended Tanbridge House School.

Mr Hearnshaw is remembered as a devoted husband and father who dedicated himself to charity work after retiring from his dream job as a teacher.

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